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Paper Bags Supplier Custom Logo Keychains Wholesaler in China

Looking for a reliable paper bags&custom keychains wholesale supplier in China?

Ecoflyn may be a not bad choice. We are a professional paper shopping bags wholesale supplier also custom keychains wholesaler in China with years of experience. We offer bulk packing bags wholesale personalized custom keychains bulk supply service to worldwide.

Simply check out our long-term hot sale items which you may feel interested including Mother’s Day gift wrapping handles bagswedding guest favor gift bags, outdoor plastic toiletry bags, polka dot gift bags in bulk, promotional tote bags, quality wine bottle carrier bags, retail merchandise shopping bags, boutiques garment merchandise carrier bags, holiday decorative gift carrier bags, events promotional bags, tiny quality gift handles bags, wedding welcome bags, outside cosmetic portable tote bags, pink shopper merchandise bags, jewelry wrapping&carrying bags with handles etc.

In addition, they have so many advantages may benefit you:

  • They are under low minimum even no minimum sometimes if we have them enough in stock
  • Generally, the hot sale items have available samples in sample room allowing us to send you timely if need them in a rush.
  • We are able to send you a free sample if you choose from these hot sales.

And these hot sales performance differently depends on different market, contact us easily and we are so willing to share more further useful industry infos of your market.

Furthermore, easily keep those keys close with our great assortment of custom made keychains cheap keychains and key accessories. Whether you’re searching for emoji character keychains, matching keychains wedding keychains wholesale, promotional sports keychains wholesale or custom couples keychains in bulk, we have you covered. Ecoflyn – a China cheap custom keychain personalized metal keychain rubber keychains wholesale supplier has the assortment of key chains you need, for any occasion.

And we also bulk wholesale supply popular promotional keychains such as custom couple keychains, custom metal keychains, airplane keychainChristmas rubber keychains, engraved photo keyring keychain photo frame, key keychain, hotel keychain, dental keychains, travel keychain, custom logo keychains, loop keychain, house keychain, dice keychain,  baseball keychains bulk, silicone keychains, personalized golf keychains, rubber emoji keychains, tennis ball keychains, promotional cute badminton keychain, metal sports promo bowling keychains, rubber key cover with light, custom jigsaw puzzle keychains, personalized letter keychain, tennis keychains in bulk, 3D sneaker keychains canvas sneaker keychains, soft rubber custom shaped keyrings, cute PVC camera keychains, holiday custom dad keychains keyrings, kawaii unicorn keychains bulk pom pom keyrings…… to our clients in every corner of the world.


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China Paper Bags Wholesaler Personalized Promo Keychains Wholesaler 


Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality packaging bags especially paper shopper bags, wedding gift bags wholesale, navy gift bags bulk, officeworks paper bags, party paper bags, kraft paper bags, neon party bags, holiday decoration bags etc.?

As a china paper gift bags supplier, Ecofllyn are always excited to offer our customers a variety of affordable quality packaging bags. Our selection of paper/kraft bags includes a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes for you to choose from.

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With the growing need in the promo&gifts industry, we also wholesale hot personalized keychain promo items.

Easily find hot sale promotional golf keychains, table tennis keychains, cute PVC rubber Christmas keyrings, custom soft bear keychains, hot sale Kawaii tiny duck keychains, portable tiny camera keyrings……


If you’re looking to bulk buy paper bags wedding bags or personalized custom promo keychains in China, look no further than Ecoflyn.

We provide paper bags manufacture personalized custom promo keychains bulk wholesale service to our worldwide customers no matter middleman, distributor or local retail stores, online e-commerce shop owner with years of experience.

We are able to supply you bulk packing bags such as China paper shopping bags, paper wedding welcome bags, holiday gift handle bags, party decorative printed tote bags, boutique shopping bags, grocery retails kraft shopping bags, wedding gift bags in bulk, events promotional carrier bags, PVC cosmetic/make up handle bags, outside travel handle bags, party paper wine/bottle carrier bags, polka dot gift bags wholesale……?

Furthermore, as brand awareness recognize is going more important, much more companies are becoming pretty willing than ever to increase their own companies recognize among their consumers through promotional products.

Hence, we add bulk custom made keychains cheap keychains to our production lines.

Easily find matching keychains personalized metal puzzle keychains, custom engraved keychains keychain photo frame, key keychain, airplane keychainsoft PVC camera shaped keychains, dice keychain, hotel keychain, custom name keychains, travel keychain, dental keychains, ladies keyring, custom logo keychains cheap keychains, cheap keychains custom metal keychains, house keychains, anniversary date keychain, loop keychain, custom logo keychains, badminton keychains, cute tennis ball keychains, promotional baseball keychains, matching keychains custom couple keychains, rubber emoji keychains, personalized table tennis keychains in bulk,  promotional silicone keychains, promo sports keychains bowling keychains, kawaii unicorn keychains, rubber key cover with light, custom metal letter keyrings, personalized dad keychain daddy keyrings, bulk tennis keychains wholesale, bowling keychains in bulk low minimum wholesale, canvas sneaker keychains bulk supply……

What’s more, as the orders get more and more fragmented (I mean the quantity of the order is becoming smaller than before), we’ve accordingly adjusted our production line to pay more attention to most hot-sale items including both bags and keychains, ensure most hot-sales are kept enough units on warehouse all the time which can allow us to send to our customers if orders are in a rush time.

Yes, just easily find your personalized keychains bulk at Ecoflyn, and let us handles all the rest.

premium quality party paper bags tote handbags wholesale-Ecoflyn


Easily get access to our new arrivals frequently

There is with our new arrival items, our R&D team always smell the newest packaging trends and put those fashionable elements into bags design. Furthermore, most of them are in stock and we could send them to you quickly as samples. Of course, you can have them in your own brand or special print design. Just show us your ideas and we will make it come true in bags at Ecoflyn.

Gift Bags

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Gift paper bags are used widely in our daily life. To wrap small items to someone’s birthday party, wrap and carrier wine bottles when necessary, or give them to our guest when special occasions like a wedding party.


One of Your reliable friend partner —— to help you grown your business

We are determined to meet your multiple needs —— by supplying you a huge selection of paper bags.

We have a large selection of bag inventory all below wholesale prices.

Ecoflyn’s bags come in kinds of different styles that ensure you’re able to find something to meet the packaging needs of your particular event. Our durable PVC plastic bags make ideal packaging when you need to create an event gift bag with a variety of different items, while paper party bags are pretty suitable for gift wrapping at a birthday or holiday party.

Wholesale paper bags are categorized by material where we have paper bags with handles, kraft grocery bags and pvc outdoor cosmetic bags. Their price range from under $ 1, between $ 1-3, $3 -$5, and those valued at $5 and above..

Furthermore, everyone loves freebies and when the gifts you hand out happen to be something as useful as keychains, your brand exposure and image will go up easily.

At Ecoflyn, we find promotional giveaways can help boost company image and brand awareness, thus, adding promotional keychains into our production line.

paper wine bags with handles
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Ecoflyn stocks bulk different kinds of wine bottle carrier bags, we could use them to wrap & carry wines to our friends when weddings or any other celebrations.

red gift bags bulk
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Offering a huge selection of personalized high-quality gift packaging handle bags at Ecoflyn, help to wrap & present your gift a big impression to your guests.

custom party decorative bags paper bags decoration
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Fresh colored party handle bags in any size, color, printing will bring you and your guest more fun and may help boost the atmosphere to higher.

discount offer custom pvc keychains bulk supply at competitive wholesale price
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Hot sale soft rubber Christmas keychains add more touches during your company or shop’s Christmas campaigns.

rubber duck keychain low minimum free sample wholesale in China
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The cute duck-shaped rubber keychains will be a good fit for some holiday celebrations like Easter…… You could turn it into bunny appearance easily with us.

cheap custom keychain
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Custom rubber bear keychains for your upcoming promotions. Keychains are with bands handles making themselves easy to carry.

Some More Questions You May Concern

See, customized shopping bags help your brand stand out against the competition.

Choosing custom printed bags for your shops or next promotion campaign is a practical choice for your business and your customers.

Customers can reuse the bags and when they do, they become walking billboards for your business, because custom bags boost your business’s brand recognition.

Ordering a variety of our wholesale paper shopping bags with handles means you’ll be building your brand while being prepared with perfect bags for any upcoming promotions, celebrations or events. And don’t forget to consider adding a custom logo label or some interested personalized decor to match your custom shopping bags.

Everyone loves freebies and when the gifts you hand out happen to be something as useful as keychains, your brand exposure and goodwill will go up easily.

You can easily incorporate various other tools like bottle openers, flashlights, tape-measures and more in keychains, Hence, making it more functional.

Imprint these custom keychains with your brand or contact info, then see how people will take note of your message very easily.

Low in cost yet high in visibility, these logos prints will help effectively shape your brand image.

With so many styles of paper bags, like boutique shopping bags with handles, wine bottles bags and wedding bags etc., you are sure to find the perfect bag for your products.

Take it a step further by choosing from our large assortment of usage options: The functions range from boutique shopping bags that can help boost your brand awareness when next promotion, to wedding favor bags for the upcoming wedding ceremonies.

Then look at the handle, material, shape and color options to complete your custom paper bags.

Simply find the most amazing party favor paper bags with handles at Ecoflyn——a China paper bags wholesaler supplier.

Shop paper party favors bags and wedding gift bags with handles at lower competitive wholesale prices&in stock.

No matter it’s a graduation, a wedding, a birthday party or any other special events, let us help you stand out.

Find the appropriate paper bags with handles in a matching color to match your upcoming events themes.

Because customized items leave a long-lasting impression, this helps improve brand awareness amongst potential customers.

These promotional keychains are commonly used as trade show giveaways where attendees are given lots of different brochures.

These cute tiny custom-made keychains help the companies stand out, compared with general brochures, they are stylish freebies, more easy to carry and more durable.

There is almost no substitute for custom keychains.

Some close alternatives for custom keychain are customized items like pens, T-shirts, hats, mugs, and so on. However, these products may not be as efficient and cost-effective as keychains. The prices are much higher for these products except pens, but people only use pens indoor, mostly.

Experts’ advice is to consider more about how frequently your promotional product is going to be used. Thus, this makes promotional keychains the best alternative as they will frequently recall your brand.

Many small businesses already using custom keychains for branding and getting a good return on the investment.

So, easily custom a promo keychain TODAY at Ecoflyn.

Both PVC and metal manufacturing will work great for keychains, especially when they are used as promotional gifts.

Metal keychains will give a classic feel, while a soft rubber key chain appeals better to a more relaxed youthful market. Such as a real estate agency or sports club will probably prefer a metal keychain, however, a youth camp or a custom car shop will probably like a rubber pvc keychain better.

Same as custom metal keychains, soft rubber keychains can be highly customized: they can be double-sided, 2 or 3-dimensional look and silkscreen printed on the back.

About this question, we’ve made a pretty detailed article to answer it.

Easily check here.

Simply find some more interesting inspirations&ideas to make party paper bags here.

Or check our hot sales party bags and get as sample belongs to you TODAY!

Fast check 105 best ideas to decorate paper gift bags.

Wedding welcome bags are basically goodie bag wedding bags hotel gift bags for wedding guests.

Yes, it’s a great way to say, “Hello, we’re happy your here!” and the perfect little thank you for making the journey to your wedding.

It’s the perfect place for putting any area info if you’re having a destination wedding.

Enjoy the steps from here.

Easily check Ecoflyn- a paper shopping bags china boutique bags suppliers.

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Find more fancy trendy wedding gift bags ideas at Ecoflyn -a wedding gift bags wholesale supplier in China.

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