13 DIY Experts Share Their Top Liked Christmas Arts And Crafts

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13 DIY Experts Share Their Top Liked Christmas Arts And Crafts

As the Christmas is close, overwhelmed in the Christmas arts and crafts floating around?

I recently asked some of my favorite DIY pros and prolific bloggers a simple question:

What is the #1 Christmas Craft Idea you love most?

See, how great our DIY experts decor&craft upcoming Christmas through skillfully using some usual items commonly-seen in our daily life!

Keep reading and easily follow the Christmas crafts ideas below to help you enjoy your Christmas. You can either skip to your favorite expert using these quick links or grab a coffee, get comfortable and commence scrolling! Responses (in alphabetical order) from below: 

Box of Ideas
Creative Family Fun
Condo Blues
Design Dazzle
Ginger Snap Crafts
Grandma Ideas
Happy Hooligans
Meaningful Mama
Powerful Mothering
Red Ted Art
Sugar Bee Crafts
Speech Room Style

And when you’re done, I would love to hear your unique decorating tips for Christmas in the comments section!

DIY Christmas Elf

Easily let this DIY paper ELF help introduce the concept of geometric shapes to your children.

It’s also a pretty cute Christmas decoration.


– from Box of Ideas

You can simply just follow the guide itself, or turn the Elves into any other more interesting appearance.

Free your imagination, and enjoy the happy crafts hours with your children.

Salt Dough Candy Cane Ornament

Is upcoming Christmas making you recall your past even childhood?

How nostalgic you are!

Salt Dough Candy Cane Ornaments

– from Creative Family Fun

Had you ever tried these Salt Dough Candy Cane Ornaments when you are a child?

Follow the steps and easily recall your beautiful childhood memory little by little.

Mod Podge Christmas Sign

Use Mod Podge on outdoor decorating projects correctly and it will help enrich the element.

how to make a weather resistant mod podge outdoor sign

– from Condo Blues

Follow the steps one by one.

Start your 1st Mod Podge outdoor decor sign today.

Wood Slice Christmas Signs

Christmas printables are alwasy nice.

Easily print out, cut then stick to any items as long as you want.

Wood Slice Christmas Signs

– from Design Dazzle

This wood slice craft is suitable for hanging on the front door.

Follow the instructions and get the free template NOW!

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas tree craft is always so popular.

No matter cute Christmas hanging ornaments, or crafts in Christmas tree shape, people love.


– from Ginger Snap Crafts

Easily check this Christmas tree decor ornament.

Little cute Christmas tree is embellished of tiny buttons.

Inexpensive Christmas Candle Craft

Simply check this easy Christmas candle decor ideas.

Super easy and inexpensive, also practical.

Christmas candle craft

– from Grandma Ideas

Cardboard Roll Christmas Candle Craft

Bright candles lights bring people warm and hope.

Well, have you ever tried crafted Christmas candle from cardboard?


– from Happy Hooligans

The steps are pretty easy to follow.

Enjoy the happy craft hour with innocent kids.

Dot Paint Chritsmas Tree

It seems our DIY experts tend to decorate cute Christmas tree crafts with buttons.

See, another COOL Christmas tree craft ideas.


– from Meaningful Mama

And, the meccessary materials are pretty simple, you might already have almost items on hand.

Enjoy NOW!

Craft Stick Stars

These glitter stars ornaments are really cute.

With fresh colors, making them and hanging on your Christmas tree.


– from Powerful Mothering

What’s more, you can put any other little decors you wants on the stars, like tiny fake diamonds.

Easily follow this guide and free your imagination.

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament

Now it’s time for crafting a super kawaii gingerbread man ornament.

Hungry? En, they are inedible.


– from Red Ted Art

They have a lovely appearance and are highly decorative.

Start the guide right now.

DIY Nativity Board Craft

En, something fresh to you.

Nativity Board Craft-a DIY project has a lot of options to flaunt your personality.


– from Sugar Bee Craft

Painting colors freely on the Nativity Board as long as you love and make it different than any others.

Just do it!

Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

Busy with decorating your Christmas by now?

Easily check this tiny wooden Christmas arts if you’re looking for wooden Christmas craft.

mini wooden Christmas tree

– from Sugar&Cloth

Gold leaf caps on the tops make them looks nifty.

Furthermore, you can also add tiny polka dots as you wish. NICE!

Button Ornaments

Let us welcome buttons on, AGAIN!

They are so popular beyond my imagination.

Button ornaments

– from Speech Room Style

Easily follow the instructions now.

Simple-yet-interesting crafts, it couldn’t be better to hang them on Christmas trees.


HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this post! Please share if you think it’s useful!

Ready to put the presents in gift bags to your dear family and friends yet?

Now I want to turn it over to you: What is the #1 Christmas Craft Idea you love most?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  1. Nina Lewis December 21, 2018 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for spotlighting my super easy Christmas candle. I feel honored to be a part of this magnificent group of crafters!

    And, the other Christmas craft ideas are super! I’ve put them on my list to make with my grandkids!

    • Ecoflyn December 22, 2018 at 3:21 am - Reply

      Thanks Nina, so glad you like it. Yes, enjoy all these awesome Christmas crafts.

      Some are really good fit for children.

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