Enjoy our 6 advantages when purchasing paper packaging bags

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Enjoy our 6 advantages when purchasing paper packaging bags

Our 6 Advantages to help solve your problems when purchasing paper packaging bags

“Yes, yes, I know but……”

As you know, there will always take some time to get mutual trust between customers and you. What’s more, it’s really so difficult to win the believer from our customers just through code email communication even if cold calls. It comes many issues no matter before placing a trial order or during mass productions.


Here are a few situations you might meet:

  • Your order is in a rush and needs someone who can response you very soon, anyhow, your supplier might not notice your message timely, it makes you so worried.
  • Only a very small qty you need, but it can’t meet your suppliers’ MOQ, so the deal has shut down.
  • Your clients urge you so much because he needs the samples very soon to present them to his end-buyer, but your suppliers can’t finish them in shorter times.
  • Only a few qty but with as many styles as possible you need, anyhow, your suppliers couldn’t cover all types.
  • Most of your alternative suppliers have the good price advantage, but they are poor at communication which leads so many mistakes and waste your so much precious time.
  • Many factories package the cartons careless leads goods didn’t get enough protection when delivery.

And much more other little mistakes……If I were you, really feels sad— so many steps need my attention and supervising.

“No, I need more times and relax, anyone can deal it?”  Yes, we are here for you all the time. I’ ve listed our 6 advantages you might care, check them whether could do you a little favor.

our advantages-tiny

Ecoflyn has wide selections of paper packaging bags in stock which can meet customers’ special demands accordingly. Generally, our MOQ is only 500pcs and could be even smaller if some hottest items. Also, sampling time takes fewer times only about 2-5 days. These advantages can help you to achieve orders more competitively. Furthermore, we have dedicated inspection staff to check up production and pick out the defectives before shipment.

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