Today, get our free e-catalog of paper bags?

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Today, get our free e-catalog of paper bags?

Easily Take a Look at our Paper Bags Categories|Ecoflyn

Every market needs fresh ideas always, right? NOT TO SPEAK OF our packaging industry which varies all the time. New ideas, new modes, new packagings will lead us to new business.

Global business and society are being shaped by several dynamic forces, or megatrends, that are impacting every industry, the world is changing at a rapid pace and in ways never imagined, of course, including paper bags packaging industry which is changing along with times. Hence, Ecoflyn is updating its products line and products ranges to keep up with the newest packaging trends.

Gift Bags & Party Bags

We often smell some trendy fashion packaging elements and put them into bags designs, at the same time, we add many beautiful new arrivals into our catalog frequently. Just have an easy look at our brief paper bags catalog shown below which only including party bags and gift bags at this blog.

Party bags and gift bags are our 2 main products line at this time which covers almost 58% of total products, of course, various kinds of paper packaging bags will be added to our catalog continuously.

Find colorful party favor paper bags with handles and custom printed party bags to match your party theme. Whether you’re hosting the party of the year or attending it, party bags from Ecoflyn are the perfect finishing touch to your gifts.

What’s more, explore more proper paper gift packaging bags for every occasion, from weddings to christenings, birthdays to births! Available in various colors, sizes, handles and printing, from wine bottle handle bags to large gift packaging bags. Visit our products gallery to find the one NOW!

Ecoflyn is a China paper bags supplier with years of experience in this field, most our bags are in stock with low moq. Easily get one or custom a bag.

Boutique Shopping Bags

Boutique shopping bags are so commonly used in shopping mall shops.

No matter retail stores or flagship shops, they always used to wrap & packaging stuff through paper bags. Because paper bags art not only a carrier for bearing items also can help express the commercial culture of a shop properly.

black paper shopping bagscustom printed small yellow paper bags supply-Ecoflyn

I list some of our hot popular boutique shopping bags for your ref.

They are in different colors, shapes, handles……

Most of them are in stock, easily get one or custom a unique type only for your shops. Putting your brand logo or leave your contact on the bags is one of the best ways to promote your shop to your customers.

Well, Ecoflyn is a paper bags wholesaler with many years experience in China, we are so happy to send you our sample bags, contact us easily.

hot pink paper bags handle bags low minimum-Ecoflynpersonalized kraft paper shopping bags with handles bulk supply-Ecoflyn

Lift is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.


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Yes, find the life’s beauty, and find Ecoflyn’s beauty.

Haven’t found you liked one? No Problem!

Easily click the button below and fill out it, we will send you a much more detailed products e-catalog including more styles and more shapes for your info soon.

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