Easily check out our new shopping bags wholesale | Ecoflyn ( In stock&low MOQ)

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Easily check out our new shopping bags wholesale | Ecoflyn ( In stock&low MOQ)

Easily check out our new shopping bags wholesale | Ecoflyn ( In stock&low MOQ)

hunt for kinds types of paper bags with handles bulk wholesale from China? Let’s dive into the ocean of bags.

Well, looking for a reliable paper packaging bags bulk shopping bags wholesale supplier from China?

Simply get a glance here.

Find our various kinds of paper shopping bags wholesale in stock&FAST delivery.

See, shopping bags are almost necessary for many occasions including both huge shopping mall or retail stores.

Either way, shopping bags wholesale is a must for each shop no matter bigger boutique or small retail grocery —— Because they need to purchase bulk shopping bags for their stores to wrap items properly.

Of course, there are so many channels for them to purchase, from their local wholesaler, distributor, from factory manufacturer, from south-eastern shopping bags suppliers, also from Amazon, Etsy if only small quantities.

As paper bags with handles wholesale supplier, Ecoflyn has a sensitive smell of packaging trends and our designers are available to put them into bags designs. Hence, we could always send new arrival to our clients frequently.

Also, help them to win the market earlier compared to their own competitors.

Most of all, I’d really like to recommend you our these paper bags with handles in bulk shopping bags wholesale paper handle bags with customized design.

As you can check them easily below, these shopping bags wholesale paper bags are available in many sizes & colors.

Anyhow, they are suitable for kinds of theme weddings, theme parties, store retail shopping, jewelry wrapping& packagings, wine bottle gift caring……

Check the items below:

Paper Shopping Bags Wholesale for Your Stores

Here, Ecoflyn is able to offer huge selections of paper shopping bags wholesale service to our worldwide customers, as a lead China paper bags supplier with years of exporting paper kraft bags experience.

Generally, they are made out of thicker enough cardboard or kraft material which is widely used no matter in our daily life or in the manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, most of them are in stock, contact us freely and you will easily get one.

Thus, you can easily have your company name, logo design printed on the shopping bags to help boost your brand awareness among your customers.

Here I list some ideas you can do with these bags:

  • add your company logo on the shopping bags and give away it as a promotion gift bag to raise brands awareness for your consumers
  • put pics of bride & groom on the wedding bags to deepen your wedding impressions to out of town guests
  • add your own name on a wine bottle carrier bags and send it to your partners as a souvenir
  • Put you & your lover’s name on the jewelry paper bags to celebrate your Valentines’ Day
  • add the name tags to party bags for your every guest when parties
  • Filling the birthday thank you bags to have your family and friends enjoy the birthday parties

Black and White Shopping Bags in Shopping Malls

First of all, black and white shopping bags are commonly seen in our life.

And, these types on the right side are our some very common styles of black and white shopping bags.

From the pics,  you can easily see that the bag’s bottom could be square, flat, round, the logo could be hot stamping, silk printing, UV print…… While the handles could be rope handles, fabric handles, twisted handles, plastic handles etc.

Furthermore, I’d like to show you a unique black and white shopping bag. Check our model WR-166.

1/5 of the bag on the top are black in the same color with handles, and remaining 4/5 of the bag are white. In stock&low moq.

Most noteworthy, you can easily put your logo on the bags when promotions or special events.

Here it is.

Currently, have 3 sizes for your choice:

  • 25*33*8cm
  • 28*37*10cm
  • 45*35*12cm

Easily get one or custom a sample belongs to you only TODAY!

Boutique Shopping Bags Wholesale

Boutique bags is one type of shopping bags used in branded flagship shops, highly-customized cloths boutiques……

They can clearly show your brand to customers also help reflect your brand story culture.

Like a handmade soap shop can use fresh colored paper shopping bags to wrap&packaging their small items to express different mood, an underwear store use this pink shopping bags with handles to outstand the attractive secret, and a cosmetic shop can take advantage of the clean-designed white paper bags to wrap their goodies etc.

Not that liked my suggested types? Easily click here to explore more

Brown Paper Shopping Bags for Groceries

And, another main shopping bags category is brown paper shopping bags commonly used in retail stores or grocery.

Almost, they are usually made out of 180-250GSM or more thicker kraft paper material to ensure bags are enough strong and durable.

brown kraft bulk paper shopping bags handles bags supply-Ecoflynpromotional paper bags with logo-Ecoflyn

Hence, I picked some featured brown paper shopping bags here for your view.

Seems like, they are in different shape, handles, sizes and prints.

Of course, we can custom a unique type for your stores according to your request.

The larger kraft bags with round bottom is suitable to package clothes while enough space wouldn’t press the clothes to be wrinkled, while at the same time, the tiny smaller one in square bottom is more proper to wrap small items.

Furthermore, don’t forget brown shopping bags are also could be used to pack wine bottles.

plain paper bags wine bottle bags onlinepaper bags brown promotion carrier bags bulk

In addition, cheap brown paper bags with handles can be also used on many other occasions like wedding welcome bags, featured gift bags, jewelry carrier bags, holiday promotion bags……


Colored Paper Bags Bulk for Holiday Celebrations

After showing your white, black, brown shopping bags above, here it’s time to talk sth. about colored paper bags bulk.

Tiny colored paper bags are much more fresh in colors.

Hence, they are usually used to packaging small gift items when special holiday.

Seems like, small colored cheap paper bags with handles are more suitable to wrap&package little pieces of stuff like scented candles, bath bombs, manual soaps……

custom blue kraft paper bags discount offer-Ecoflyn
bulk buy paper gift bags
pink kraft paper bags
kraft paper bags with handles wholesale-Ecoflyn
coloured kraft paper bags bulk wholesale-Ecoflyn
green kraft paper bags
custom designed navy blue paper gift bags supply-Ecoflyn

Totally, 7 available colors and 3 sizes for choice at the current time.

Because made out of kraft paper material and in fresh colors, so these tiny paper bags are super proper to wrap small items for holiday gifts.

And, currently total 3 available sizes are shown below:

  • 22*15*6cm
  • 30*24*11cm
  • 30*40*12cm

Furthermore, most of them are in stock and with a pretty low moq only 500pcs.

Interested to get a sample now?

Of course, putting your logo on these paper shopping bags with handles is more perfect. Easily contact us.


As a lead paper bags with handles wholesale supplier in China, Ecoflyn has always updated our products ranges timely to keep up with the global packaging trends. Especially relevant, we provide huge selections of paper kraft bags brown paper bags with handles wholesale, just click here to discover your liked one, or get our e-catalog simply.

Ask for a sample customized only for you

Anyhow, we are so willing to customize a sample bag only for you. Show me your logo design and we will finish it soon and sent to you.

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