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37 ideas – what to put in Wedding Welcome Bags (Ultimate Guide)

An Ultimate Guide about what to put in Wedding Welcome Bags (everything you want to know about wedding gift bags ideas)

We’ve put together a handy-yet-comprehensive guide to wedding welcome bags wedding gift bags ideas, what they are, what to put in wedding favor bags and some more tips!

Imagine if you could easily have your private destination wedding welcome bags ideas come true.

Or even better:

What if there were 37 wedding gift bags ideas about what to put in a wedding welcome bags for your ref?

……and you can easily own them by clicking the links?

Luckily, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you.

37 ideas in regard to what to put in wedding favor bags for your guests that work greatly.

Just think about it:

You’ve just traveled for a long time to attend your friend’s wedding. You’re tired, thirsty and exhausted.

How great would you feel if you walked into your hotel room and found a wedding favor bags filled with thoughtful gifts that are just exactly what you need? It would definitely make your vacation on the right foot, right?

Well, I tend to recommend personalizing destination wedding welcome bags styles also customize what to put in hotel welcome bags where possible.

After all, not all items need to include always, some may be suited to some guests but not to others, so here is an ultimate guide for your ref.

What are Wedding Welcome Bags?

Wedding welcome bags are basically goodie bag wedding bags hotel gift bags for wedding guests.

Yes, it’s a great way to say, “Hello, we’re happy your here!” and the perfect little thank you for making the journey to your wedding.

It can also include much other information like your celebration.

Also, it’s the perfect place for putting any area info if you’re having a destination wedding.

See, welcome bags for wedding guests can help express more.

Thus, let’s go on to see what to put in hotel bags for wedding guests — can help express your appreciation properly.

What To Put in Wedding Welcome Bags?

You will want to plan on putting together a wedding welcome bag for any guest who is traveling in order to attend your wedding. Whether they’re staying in a hotel or with a family member, these wedding gift bags are just one small way you can make their visit more comfortable.

Here is a handy-yet-comprehensive guide for your ref — regarding what to put in hotel gift bags for wedding guests.

Let’s dive into it directly:

1. Schedule

2. Sweet Treats

3. Local Touch (including area-themed gifts or favors)

4. Hydration or Champagne

5. Face Mask

6. Local Guidebook

7. sth. to entertain little ones

8. A Wedding Memory Card

9. Snacks and Munchies

10. Candle

11. Hanky

12. Bottled Water & Beverage

13. Fold Away Flip-flop

14. Mint

15. Fresh Fruits

16. Hangover Kit

17. A Leaflet with points of interest around the wedding location

18. A few of your favorite things

19. Thank-you Note

20. Hand-held Fan

21. Sunscreen

22. Bug Spray

23. Lip Balm

24. Sunglasses

25. Hats

26. Ponchos

27. Hand-warmers

28. Umbrellas

29. Tiny Aloe Gel

30. Pashmina Shawls

31. Deck of Cards

32. Cigars

33. Koozies

34. Wine Stopper

35. Bottle Opener

36. Quirky Item

37. A tote to hold all

1. Schedule

customized wedding itinerary

Even though you’ve made a wedding site filled with all your important wedding information, anyhow, most of your guests probably didn’t pay much attention. Hey, people are busy!

Thus, an extra printout is a must of what to put in welcome bags for wedding guests.

So give a schedule in hotel gift bags for out of town guests. Give them all the important details to let them know where they’ll need to be and when.

Custom your unique schedule easily: Etsy.com

2. Sweet Treat

Wedding Sweet

With all the great activities you have planned, you’d like your guests to keep their energy high

And, what better way than with sweet candy?— Offering something sweet for your guests while they’re at the hotel.

If you want to tie in your wedding color palette into the sweet treat, macarons are a fantastic way to show off your wedding colors. 

Sweet candy in the wedding box: Amazon.com

3. Local Touch(including area-themed gifts or favors)


Whether your wedding is miles away from home or in your own backyard, why not give your guests a regional favorite?

Including a local-featured souvenir or craft in a wedding welcome bag is a fancy way to help your guest recall your wedding after they were back home.

Every place has its own culture and history.

Then, a souvenir full of local features will help people easily think of the happy hours during your wedding.

Find Hawaiian Coconut Sea Salt Scrub here: Hawaiianbathbody.com

4. Hydration & Champagne


If you give a guest a snack, they’re going to want something to drink.

Now, there are two ideas here—you can either choose something refreshingly hydrating or…Champagne.

Hydration a liquid electrolyte concentrate that can be added to water, juice or any other beverage. 

It replaces electrolytes lost due to sweat, exercise or even alcohol consumption—so a very nice addition for your guest after a long journey.

Of course, proper champagne can let your guests-friends toast to your happiness before they even get to the reception—NOT BAD.

Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration: Amazon.com

5. Face Mask

face mask

If your guests have just spent many hours on the plane, they probably feel post flying dehydration.

Thus, a face mask is a better skin pick-me-up.

Let guests’ face absorb enough water and get their photos ready for the upcoming wedding day!

En, not bad.

Simply find one here: Etsy.com

6. Local Guidebook


If your guests are staying for a few days during your wedding schedule, then a local guidebook or suggestions of things to do in the area will help get them starting their exploring.

Well, let your guest enjoy your local area’s popular featured food or enjoy your local culture in a museum or history exhibition.

Since spare time may be limited, so some simply-yet-useful hints and tips would be appreciated.

Make this short-yet-meaning travel a big impression in your guests’ lives.

7. sth. to entertain little ones

coloring book

For the little kids within the guests’ group, an entertainment pack is a not bad idea.

whether it’s a coloring book, balloons or games, as long as it can catch the little peoples’ attraction. 

In a word, an exciting surprise waiting for them in the room will keep them happy.


Horse coloring book: Etsy.com

8. A Wedding Memory Card

wedding postcard

Put a personalized postcard into each wedding welcome bag, ask guests to write down their most impressive memory during your wedding time.

Seemingly, it’s a great way to let them recall the wedding happiness— at the same time a good engagement with your guests.

Collecting all the postcards finally.

Then could relive all the memories together with your husband/wife whilst on your honeymoon.

Printable picture wedding: Etsy.com

9. Snacks and Munchies


Well, general snacks are always handy:

  • cookies
  • olives
  • popcorns,
  • salted peanuts
  • flavorful crackers
  • bagel crisps
  • pita chips
  • trail mix
  • or maybe even some high-quality beef jerky.……

Sure, local featured snacks are even better!

All they are useful to have.

If your accommodation is self-catered or friends can’t easily pop to the shops nearby— then they would appreciate these little bits just to keep them ticking over between meals.

10. Candle


A small portable candle with a calming scent or label will help guests to quickly get ready for sleeping for the upcoming wedding.

At the same time,  it’s also effective if you have a personalized scent throughout your wedding— Because smell is the most powerful memory trigger.

Furthermore, you could also put a specially customized candle as a gift when people go back home.

That way, guests can relive the laughs and the memories when they get home.

Unique wedding gift custom candle: Etsy.com

11. Hanky


Yes, weddings are emotional things— mixing happy laugh also moving tears!

And let’s be honest: you might hoping your guests shed a few tears when they see you are walking down the aisle!

Then, a clean hanky comes in handy.

Give them a small tiny hanky,  so they could have to hand to avoid any unwanted make-up disasters from being all teary-eyed!

12. Bottled Water & Beverage

bottled water

Including some bottled water with a custom label. ( could print your wedding photos on the label)

Water could help your guests re-hydration fast after a long travel.

At the same time, the custom label on the water makes it a little bit special than general waters.

Of course, some local beverage would be better. It allows guests to have a chance to enjoy local unique drinks.

In addition, consider seasonally appropriate drinks such a gourmet hot chocolate for a winter wedding or a spring beer from a local brewery.

13. Fold Away Flip-flop


Offering some roll up flip-flops for the girls might be a good idea for the wedding day.

Some weddings will allow guests to stay a few days with a full schedule such as a dancing party, cocktail party around a swimming pool especially summer weddings……

Then, a pair of flip-flops couldn’t be more considerate.

Sure, heels look fabulous.

Anyhow, they’re not practical when you’ve been on your feet all day and want to hit the dancefloor!

Custom Wedding Flip-flops: Etsy.com

14. Mints

wedding mints

Well, including good-looking wedding mints in wedding welcome bags are a good idea.

That way, it could help refresh your guests’ body and mind after a long travel.

At the same time, decorating a custom paper label on the mints bottles with your wedding information properly—showing bride&groom’s name, also the wedding date.

En, sounds good.

Personalized wedding mints: Etsy.com

15. Fresh Fruits


Fresh fruits can make the stomach feel full between meals.

Also, refresh you after having enough salty cookies or much candy — becoming thirsty.

Especially, fresh apples or sweet orange flesh are good.

Your guests will thank you with such a small consideration.

16. Hangover Kit

hangover kit

We all know that a hangover is a sign of a good night, so some general recovery items will be appreciated for the next morning.

Especially, if you’re having an open bar at your wedding (or even you’re planning to dance’til dawn), some guests really need a little extra care the next morning.

Helping them out with a handy hangover kit — stocked with pain relievers for a headache, painkiller, eye-mask, bandages for sore, and a travel-size mouthwash to ditch morning breath……

Nothing says “we care” quite like helping your guests recover from the all-night fun.

17. A Leaflet with points of interest around the wedding location


In case your guests are unfamiliar with your wedding location, just easily custom a little leaflet for their ref.

Showing your exact wedding location through map screenshot, also text description.

Of course, including some interesting spots nearby would be better.

Chances are, your guests want to have a quick look at interesting places nearby your wedding venue.

Thus, a little simple leaflet is great.

18. A few of your favorite things

wedding forks

Sharing some of your favorite things into the wedding welcome bags with your guests is not bad, right?

Probably, it’s your favorite tea, local snacks, a little bottle of Tuscan olive oil, spring beer from a local brewery, a deck of cards or locally featured crafts……

Whatever, these little details that capture your personalities— as a couple are trying their best to make special fun welcome bag additions.

Believe, your guests will surely love it.

19. Thank-you Note

thank you note

Can’t agree anymore, nothing says “Thank you for being here” better than saying “Thank you for being here”, is it?

Well, a thoughtful card or letter (even better if it’s handwritten) to welcome them and tell them how happy you are to be sharing your wedding with them.

Adding different wording to different guests- these will make them feel being treated seriously.

What is most important, ensure that every guest gets a personalized note to let them know how much you appreciate them making the journey to be beside you on the biggest day of your life.

The thank-you words don’t need to be long, anyhow, really a must-have in your wedding welcome bags.

Following, I’d like to share sth. necessary— need to be put into wedding welcome bags when you’ll hold a grand summer outdoor wedding.

In general, they might be wanted by guests when summer wedding because of the hot weather outside.

Let’s have a quick glance:

20. Hand-held Fan

hand-held fan

If you’re getting married abroad or outside in summer, the chance is it’s going to be hot.

Think about it: there may be many times when your guests are waiting around in the sun, for example during the ceremony, especially prior to your arrival.

At this time, If they could find a hand-held fan in their wedding welcome bags, they will appreciate you much.

The tiny portable fan will help bring them little sweet wind, and reduce the burning heat sensation when in the sun.

21. Personalized Sunscreen Favors


For the destination wedding abroad, outside in the heavy sun or anywhere hot and tropical, you can never have too much sunscreen!

As we all know, the heavy sunlight and ultraviolet ray will insanely hurt you and guests’ skin.

At this time, your guests will insanely think of a sunscreen.

Then, your guests will appreciate little bottles of SPF tossed into their wedding welcome bag —because they are easy to carry around for preventing the damage from strong sunshine.

Personalized sunscreen favors: Etsy.com

22. Bug Spray

bug spray

You see, some tropics are an amazing place— too hot to stay ( even if a few days), with hot days and warm nights always.

Whenever and wherever, there always be some different insects might trouble you no matter day or night— extremely feeling like camping outside.

At this time, a bug spray will become every guest’s savior.

Depending on the different time of year you visit, the mosquitos can be a real pain in the bum.

So, ensure your wedding guests are armed with little bottles of mosquito repellent or some comprehensive bug spray.

23. Lip Balm

lip balm

Someone might think lip balms are only being wanted when cold winter.

In fact, people need more lip care under hot sunshine.

Just like hurting the human body skin, the heavy sunshine will also hurt our tender lip skin.

Hence, putting a lip balm into guests’ wedding welcome gift bags is really a wise decision.

Only occupying a small space in the welcome bags, inexpensive to buy and easy to carry with guests.

See, lip balm with SPF is an easy addition to your wedding welcome bags.

24. Sunglasses

wedding sunglasses

There is no doubt: that the strong sunshine will damage our sensitive eyes and speed up the eyes aging.

And, it’s also extremely necessary for us to protect our eyes under the sun.

Hence, putting sunglasses into every guests’ wedding welcome bags is a perfect decision.

Identify yourselves as a group on vacation, and give your guests a cool moment.

I mean, offering them all personalized sunglasses— inscribed with your names and wedding date or your wedding hashtag.

25. Hats

wedding hat

No matter personalized trucker hats or custom straw hats, as long as it can help prevent the heavy sunshine.

After arming most skins, eyes, lips, don’t forget to protect the hands and necks.

There is no doubt: necks are women’s 2nd face.

So, remember to add a hat to wedding welcome bags, especially for women guests.

Think about it: you and your group are sure to draw a lot of attention during your holiday, then why not give everyone a recognizable keepsake?

Wearing that identifies you all a group— screaming ‘Hey, I’m with this super awesome group!’ 

This idea also works with custom wedding t-shirts, but we prefer hats as it’s hot and sunny outside which makes a hat not only cool but also practical.

And let’s go on with some stuffs— needed to be put into guests’ wedding welcome bags when you plan to hold a wedding ceremony in cold winters outside.

Not like hot wedding under big sun, you should care for your guests more, especially for the cold wind and rain.

Hence, we are here together to have a quick glance:

26. Ponchos


Not like hot sunshine in the summer wedding, no matter you or your guests should try to accept the cold wind and sudden rain when holding a wedding ceremony in late winters.

Thus, ponchos will help keep your guests’ body warm, also prevent the unexpected cold rain, especially in Irish or English outdoor wedding.

Well, just select the ponchos made out of different fabric material and thickness, according to the exact time:

  • late winter: select the ponchos made out of warmer thicker woolen
  • earlier winter or autumn: select the ponchos made out of thinner cotton

27. Hand-warmers


When it comes to cold late winter, many people’s hands will also become cold.

Let alone letting guests are waiting outside for the bride&groom to perform the wedding ceremony.

At this time, it couldn’t be better if every guest can hold a hand-warmer.

The tiny cute hand-warmers can help prevent them from the cold weather— through warming both their hands and bodies.

So don’t forget to add a hand-warmer to wedding welcome bags.

Pocket Hand Warmers: Etsy.com

28. Umbrellas


See, some oceanic climate area is full of rain throughout the years.

And you must prepare more related stuff to help your guests to welcome the unexpected sudden gifts from God.

Haha, I mean the sudden cold rain shower or unexpected high wind.

So, an umbrella to each guest is a pretty considerate protection that helps prevent them from getting drenched.

29.Tiny Aloe Gel

tiny aloe gel

You can also prepare a little bottle of aloe gel in the welcome bags.

That way, your guests will appreciate your consideration.

As we know, aloe vera can help soothe our skin after a day in the sun, also help soothe and moisturize sunburn soreness.

So, aloe gel might a plus item you can take it into the guests’ wedding gift bags.

En, not bad.

Simply find one here: Etsy.com

30. Wedding Pashmina Shawls

pashmina shawl

See, wedding pashmina shawls are another gift that female guests are pretty happy to get.

These are a perfect wedding favor, especially if your wedding is on the beach or in a tropical location with cool winds in the evening.

Well, you could simply custom the color of pashmina shawls to match your wedding theme accordingly.

Of course, ivory, beige, silver grey and champagne are common colors.

Enjoy it here: Etsy.com

32. Deck of Cards

wedding deck of cards

Well, a deck of playing cards is another great favor to put in your wedding gift bags, doesn’t it?

Thus, your guests can enjoy it no matter on the hotels or on the trip back home.

As you see, these playing cards come with personalized labels full of wedding designs that make them unlike any other.

On the labels, you may easily add names, dates, and messages —— remind your guests of this special event with every game they play.


31. Cigars


Many of the brides prefer to choose cigars (especially Cuban cigars) as a popular wedding gift.

Cigars are tiny cute, easy to carry, also help your guests relax well after a long travel.

Moreover, you can simply personalize the cigar cards —— perfect proposal card.

Nice, right?

33. Personalized Wedding Koozies


Koozies are such a popular wedding favor ——  you can easily find them in a bunch of colors and styles to match your wedding theme.

These high-quality personalized wedding koozies are a must have for your upcoming wedding parties! They make a great gift for any of your friends or guests.

Design your own koozies.

Here, make it your wedding own by adding your monogram or Name!

34. Wine Stopper Wedding Favor

wine stopper

If there are some wine lovers on your guest list, then they are going to love this wine stopper wedding favor! 

As you see, they’re practical, fun and inexpensive, also combine you and your guests more closely via this tiny wedding gift!

Well, elegant crystal wine bottle stoppers are an excellent addition to any wine accessory collection.

They are not expensive but wine lovers among your guests would thank you by heart.

In fact, most of the wine lovers are always searching for wine bottle stoppers and would be thrilled to get this in a wedding welcome bag.

35. Personalized Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

bottle opener

Like wine stopper, most wine lovers also feel interested in collecting bottle openers anywhere.

These tiny personalized bottle opener wedding favor are super adorable, functional, and a good little favor to put in your wedding welcome bags.

Needless to say, your guests will put these cute wedding day gifts to good use no matter at the resort or back home later.

The wooden handles can be personalized with the date and details of your choice.

Easily find it here: Etsy.com

36. Quirky Item

scratch-off lottery ticket

Consider, including one fun or quirky item in your guests’ bags might be a little interesting.

This could be something like a bridal shower scratch off game card, a delicious family recipe, a horoscope for the weekend or a cute Instax photo of the happy couple.

These cutely tiny adorable wedding favors can help cheer up the atmosphere.

Furthermore, keep your wedding more memorable on guests’ minds.

Easily expand your imaginations and creative ideas here!

37. A tote to hold all

wedding tote

Well, after preparing all necessary stuff, we need a tote to hold all items— putting them into the tote bag one by one.

Otherwise, the stuff will be unordered and not easy to be found for guests.

Of course, you can also custom a huge gift box instead of the tote bag.

Anyway, whatever you like.

What’s more, you could custom the tote bags— printing bride&groom’s name on the tote bags to add their personality.

Or, hanging a custom wedding hashtag on the tote bags is a not bad idea.


Easily check out some frequently-asked questions about Wedding Welcome Bags

Will you give a Welcome Gift Bag to “each” guest staying and attending your upcoming wedding or just one for every hotel room booked?

On bag per room with enough inside for 2 people is surely good.

How to distribute wedding welcome bags?

Put a wedding gift bag into every booked room to welcome your guests before they arrive.

Or easily leave the welcome bags at the front desk of each hotel and the gifts are presented to each guest upon arrival.

Including your wedding schedules in details.

Plus, lay out the weekend itinerary and provide some extra suggestions for local things to see, eat and do—— sounds good!

How could I transport these welcome bags to my destination wedding hotels?

just took an empty box and loaded them up, then have someone (or a few people) bring them as checked bags. 

Or trays would also work well.

Simply found your bulk wholesale wedding bags at Ecoflyn in China.

Might welcome bags are not a must, but they’re a VERY considerate touch for your out of town guests.

See, you are hosting them at the wedding, but your out of town guests already spent a lot of money and time to be there with you.

Moreover, welcome bags could be done inexpensively.

Want a sample bag?

Remember, your wedding favor bags gift wedding welcome bags are all about showing your wedding guests that you love them and you appreciate their coming.

Keep that thought in mind and you won’t go wrong.

Trying your best to use some featuring creative ways to thank your friends and family throughout your wedding journey. 

Letting them feel your heart treat even though some tiny details.

And, regarding more ideas about what to put in wedding welcome bags, easily leave your comments below.

Or, just simply visit our wedding favor bags wedding welcome bags for guests in bulk wholesale supply at Ecoflyn, many good-looking wedding bags can help motivate your inspiration for your own wedding bags design.

We stock most wedding bags for hotel guests, easily get your sample TODAY.

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